Shrujan - Bhujodi


‘Shrujan Trust’, a Bhuj-based NGO has been leading the charge for empowering women in the Kutch region. For the last half-a-century, the trust has dedicated itself to reviving the skill of making authentic and unique hand embroidered Kutch craft. This age-old art form has been practised by the artisans of Kutch for generations, but Shrujan has turned this heritage into a viable source of income, especially for the women in the region. From just 30 women in 1969, today it is a 4,000-member community spanning over 100 villages.

Shrujan founded ‘The Living and Learning Design Centre (LLDC)’ in January 2016. LLDC not only houses India’s biggest Craft’s Museum, but is also an active hub for crafts from the Kutch region. LLDC begins where Shrujan trails off. While Shrujan aims at providing a platform for artisans to earn a livelihood, LLDC has a larger agenda, that of ‘Preserving and Reviving the Craft Culture and Tradition’ of the Kutch region. It is a first-of-its-kind, kaarigar-dedicated, multi-dimensional craft education and resource centre. Ami says, “By the late 70s and 80s, embroidery would have vanished if Shrujan hadn’t come into the picture.”